Other Microsoft Services

Apart from the Microsoft Standard competencies we also specialized in the below skill set:

1. Migration Services

2. Virtualisation Solutions

3. Consultation & Technical Services

Canar I. T Consultancy and technical Services can offer you:

  • The services of a highly skilled team of experienced consultants
  • Certified Partner agreements with leading vendors, providing call escalation facilities if necessary
  • Continued shared knowledge in the most recent developments in IT technology
  • Friendly, approachable professionals who have the relevant technical accreditations and experience to lead your project, but who are equally capable of working alongside your in-house IT team
  • Over 30years experience as a support and consultancy provider of market leading products

Key Technical Services

  • Structured project teams
  • On site consultancy, either project
  • based or rolling contract
  • Tailored support contracts
  • Remote support and management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server auditing
  • Performance monitoring